What I do not do

What I do not do:

  • I am not am employee of a doctor or hospital.  I am independent and work for you.
  • I do not perform clinical tasks, such as, blood pressure checks, vaginal exams and other such duties.  Those are the role of your caregivers.
  • I do not make decisions for you.  I will help you get the information you need from your caregivers so that you can make an informed decision.  I will also remind you and others if they stray from your birth plan.  This is also ultimately your decision.  I am there to support, not to decide.
  • I do not speak to your caregivers for you.  I am not the client/patient and what I say has no affect on them.  I am there to assist you if you are having difficulty expressing your desires.  You and your husband/partner will need to speak to your caregivers on your own behalf.
  • I do not provide childcare.