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NOTE: Currently I am teaching Birth With Confidence Classes at Flaget Memorial Hospital. If you are interested in signing up for a group class you can register here. (You do not need to be giving birth at Flaget to take this class.)

Upcoming Group Classes

Registration Required (space limited)
270-699-6132 or bardstownbirth {at}

Location: Flaget Hospital


Cost: $250

I am currently providing private Lamaze classes in the Nelson County area.  This is a 12 hours class in your home for $250.  This would cover your workbook and supplemental materials.  This class can be broken up into a series of 4-three hour classes or 6-two hour classes to be held on evenings or weekends.

Major Topics Covered:

  • 3rd Trimester, Preparting for Labor, Early Labor
  • Active Labor and Delivery
  • Variations, Interventions, Pain Medications
  • Postpartum, Breastfeeding and Newborn Care


Early Pregnancy Class

This class is $35 for 2.5 hours of instruction time.

Just Pregnant
Topics Covered:

  • Nutrition
  • How to stay low risk
  • 10 Mother Friendly Questions
  • Shopping for a care provider/hospital
  • Overview of pregnancy and changes that occur
  • How your husband/partner can support you in pregnancy
  • Overview of pre-natal testing that may be offered.
  • Informed Consent


Breastfeeding Basics Class

This class is $35 for 2.5 hours of instruction time.

Baby Breastfeeding

Topics Covered:

  • Benefits of Breastfeeding/Risks of Formula
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Breastfeeding
  • Positioning and Feeding
  • Is Baby Getting Enough?
  • Maternal Nutrition
  • Pumping, Storing and Bottle-feeding