Frequently Asked Questions:

Will a doula replace my partner?

No once can replace the husband/partner's intimate knowledge of the mother and love for the child. Labor is an emotionally intense time for both the mother and father. A doula is there to provide experience and reassurance of what is normal in birth and can help everyone work as a team. A doula will gently remind dad of things to help mom, can provide advice when needed or can take the lead and let dad participate at his own comfort level. A doula is a great part of the team to help dad help mom.

Will the nursing staff be enough support?

 The nursing staff would absolutely love to be by your side the entire time. Unfortunately though, nurses have many patients to care for and charting to take care of. Because you are my only patient, I will be with you constantly and will be able to give you my full, undivided attention.

We took a childbirth class. Do I still need a doula?

 Yes. A good childbirth class will help you understand the birthing process, give you the confidence to make informed decisions and teach you some comfort techniques. Education reduces fear and a reduction in fear in turn reduces pain. It is a lot to ask for a partner/father to remember everything he learned in class. Seeing birth and being in the moment is a whole different experience than just hearing about it or watching a video of someone else. A doula is there for reassurance and experience of the normal variations of labor and will help remind dad of the techniques of when they can be affective.